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Sleep Pittsburgh

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Sleep Pittsburgh

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Sleep Pittsburgh

Tax Refund 2018

The initial research for mattress buyers showed us that they watch late night TV. Not only did that research show us we should place commercials in late night programming, but it also provided us with the entire creative concept. Can’t sleep? Tired the next day at work? Maybe it’s your mattress. Mr. Sleepy was born. It was also important to distance ourselves from the ridiculous “best sale ever” weekly madness and the misleading ads of most mattress companies.

Substitute Teacher Service, Inc.

STS Baldwin

A previous agency produced a commercial that was completely off message for this client. Substitute Teacher Service is based in Philadelphia and this was a real chance for us to outperform a large Philadelphia agency and help a statewide company in the 4th largest market in the country. The spot they produced used stock b-roll video and really didn’t sell the benefits of working with young people as a teacher. It focused more on footage of recent college grads, retired people planting flowers, and stay-at-home spouses that they were targeting. There was no flow to the spot and the copy often didn’t even match the imagery.

We got permission to shoot live at Baldwin-Whitehall High School in an actual school with real students and teachers. There were a few extra steps involved like getting waivers signed by parents and clearances for the video crew, but those extra steps made a difference. During one of our Holiday campaigns, this commercial signed up 500 teachers in a 2-week period at a cost of $60 per hire. Easily their best cost per hire ever.

Baker's Waterproofing

PolyLevel New Solution

Everyone knows about the history of this company’s basement waterproofing services so when they developed a concrete leveling service, we created a separate :30 spot to promote it. Incredible technology that really looks good on HD video.

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