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Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein :30

After some coaxing, we were able to convince one of Ideal Protein’s clients to do a real testimonial spot for us. The spot was shot on location in North Park. We felt it was important to use a real person from Pittsburgh that had great results from the program. The young lady in the spot is now a counselor for Ideal Protein.

The Answer AM 1250 / 92.5 FM

Levin in the Evening

We noticed billboards all over town promoting the new format at AM1250. The problem was that the copy simply said “AM1250 The Answer”. The billboards never “answered” the question of who, what, when, but only where. We contacted the GM at the station and suggested that we run :05 commercials on the local broadcast stations that answered these questions. The spot answered who (Levin), when (in the Afternoon), what (conservative talk all day) and where…AM1250 The Answer. The station ended up changing their billboard copy to look exactly like this spot based on our recommendations as well.

Side note – There are no more efficient “billboards” than :05 television commercials that air on the main networks for as low as $40 each and can reach more than 100,000 people at a time.

The Answer AM 1250 / 92.5 FM

Rose In the Morning

Jim Quinn War Room :05

Pittsburgh Dental Spa

Pittsburgh Dental Spa :30

 We were hired when they first opened and had much to do with initially putting them on the map. Our concept for an appropriate dental practice commercial was to highlight the comforting color schemes in the office, the comfortable x-ray device, the televisions on the ceiling above each chair, and all of the amenities available at no extra cost from that of a general dentist. Highlighting Dr. Runco in his white lab coat in a very professional and inviting setting was also important. This spot was produced to say to the viewer scared of the dentist, “relax…you are safe here!”

Visit Beaver County

Holiday :30

We were hired to replace their previous representation for 2019. The good news is that our production partners had hours of event footage already shot providing us with unlimited video to create commercials for every event and festival that they had for the year…building a nice library of commercials to use moving forward. This commercial was produced for the holiday season and highlights many of the unique events held during this time.

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