What used to be the BIG TWO is now the BIG THREE. Broadcast Television and Cable have been the main driver for most video campaigns over the last several decades. But things change. Are you changing with them? Streaming or “OTT” (Over the Top Television) has become a force in how people consume video. On their own terms, at the time of day that they choose, on everything from an 80” connected TV to a cellphone.

Each has their own advantage. But OTT is becoming the only way to reach the cable “cord-cutter” and “cord-never” viewers.

As much as 30% of the population have “cut the cord” completely. These consumers watch OTT on several different platforms beyond the ad free platforms. What are you doing to reach them? Are you reaching them on their Hulu or Sling account or hundreds of Network streaming/app services?

Any Television campaign that doesnʼt include OTT is woefully unprepared for the 2020ʼs and beyond. Our video campaigns find the correct mix of Broadcast Television, Cable, and OTT depending on the specifics of your business needs. As more people cut the cable cord, the amount of OTT advertising we propose will increase.

These are the types of video campaigns we build for our clients. We want to reach the TV viewer on any and every screen, 80” to 6” and everything in between.