Our Process

The Way We Work

We live a free market society. We believe in the laws of supply and demand. You supply a product or service and we drive the demand for that product or service. Itʼs really that simple. The planning process that we use is the same every time, for every client. Because it works.

We do extensive market research to first determine where your most likely customers can be found. This is the first step every time. If your business provides home improvement services, doesn’t it make sense to first find out what television programs or websites have the highest number of homeowners? This is a step that is skipped by most agencies and in our opinion, the most important step to determining a successful marketing plan. Way more important than rates/ratings/impressions.

Once those opportunities are identified, only then do we start negotiating rates and cost. We donʼt just identify a “demo” and buy the least expensive programs for that demo. Thatʼs lazy planning. We want to put your budget towards the platforms that reach the highest number of your customers. Too much emphasis is put on “demo” in agency planning and not enough put on the actual tendencies/buying habits/buying stage of real customers. Rating points donʼt buy products or services, people do!

We then balance ratings/cost per ratings point AND qualitative market research before we make a recommendation. Itʼs not just about how many people are watching. Itʼs more important to look at the likelihood of those customers needing your product or service.

Most of the ideas for the correct messaging are found in our market research as well. Through market research, we identified a clientʼs audience was watching late night television in high numbers. We put together a creative message specifically to target couples viewing television in bed. That client revenue is now up 33% from when the campaign started. Your knowledge of your customers and our exhaustive market research combine to make sure you are on message with all of your marketing.

Transparency is one of the things we are most proud of at Truth in Advertising. We provide you with full documentation and notarized station invoices after a campaign ends that show all rates, pricing, times, and dates. You see everything we see.


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