Digital Premium Video

The cellphone and tablet have changed everything. Almost every buying decision is made with the help of a device. Looking at reviews, location or contact info, search…the device has become an important part of the buying decision process and your marketing should reflect that.

Audiences respond better to video ads that are relevant to them. Premium Digital Video targets your advertising message to most effectively reach your desired audience.

Unlike Broadcast/OTT/Cable, Premium Digital Video can target based on hundreds of different audience segments who are viewing news, sports, video highlights, anytime and anywhere on multiple devices.

We only place ads with 100% non-skippable pre-roll and mid-roll placement. Nothing placed at the end of the video. Some of the many audience segments available are: Education, Home Improvement, Food & Beverage, Travel, Auto, Entertainment, Financial, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Retail, Sports and Age & Gender.

We believe that Premium Digital Video along with TV/OTT should also be a part of any video ad campaign.